We provide innovative soft-tissue reconstruction solutions

that optimize clinical outcomes by prioritizing the preservation and restoration of the patient’s own anatomy.

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What Makes Us Unique?

Our growing product portfolio is purposefully designed to leverage the patient’s natural healing response while minimizing long-term exposure to permanent synthetic materials. We are committed to delivering our advanced technologies with a strong economic value proposition to assist surgeons and institutions in providing next-generation soft-tissue repair solutions to more patients.

Hernia and Abdominal
Wall Reconstruction

OviTex® Reinforced
Tissue Matrix

Discover how layers of ovine (sheep) rumen interwoven with just enough polymer suture for added strength results in a very low polymer load (areal density) that is less than lightweight mesh. By having a low polymer load, OviTex effectively reduces the amount of plastic placed in the body.1*

Aligned with our mission, OviTex is designed to leverage a patient’s natural healing response, facilitate tissue remodeling, optimize strength, and minimize the foreign body footprint of synthetic polymer.

Innovation Driven by Expertise

From the outset, TELA Bio’s co-founders, Dr. Maarten Persenaire and Antony Koblish, understood the importance of forming an elite management team to revolutionize the surgical soft-tissue repair market. Today, our leadership team, rich in MedTech experience, brings together decades of industry-specific and diverse expertise, driving innovation in soft-tissue repair.

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