Greg Firestone

Chief Business Officer

Greg Firestone possesses 35 years of experience in the acute and non-acute healthcare sectors.  Mr. Firestone has spent much of his tenure in strategy and partnership development, stakeholder collaboration and strategic consulting initiatives, where he has worked closely with IDN’s, health systems, GPOs, and suppliers. In 1995, he co-founded the “Networks of Networks” a group of supply chain executives representing health systems throughout the United States collaborating to share best practices for supply chain and sourcing management. In 1997, Greg co-created and established the name Integrated Delivery Networks (IDN’s), which remains the most used name recognition when referencing integrated health systems. In 1999, Mr. Firestone co-created the four stages of IDN integration to establish a benchmarking criterion that defines the level and maturity of integration in the areas of Supply Chain Management, Strategic Sourcing, Clinical Integration and Operations Management. 

In 2001, he created the IDN Summit & Reverse Expo supply chain education forums, a venue primarily designed for IDN and health system economic buyers to take a leadership role in healthcare’s supply chain, and to create a collaborative environment for suppliers and buyers to convene to establish meaningful relationships to advance healthcare’s supply chain. In 2005, Greg authored and published a book titled “Swimming with the Supertankers”.  The premise of the book was to provide the supplier community with strategic insights into the sourcing and supply chain practices and principle aims of IDN’s and health systems. In 2007, he sold the IDN Summit and Reverse Expo education forums and has since co-founded two companies and held leadership positions for supply chain stakeholders prior to joining TELA Bio in 2017.